• İncəsənət xadimləri, KİV nümayəndələrinin iştirakı ilə “Hər günün tütünsüz olsun!” mövzusunda dəyirmi masa keçirildi
  • Azərbaycanda tütünlə mübarizə sahəsində dövlət-özəl sektor tərəfdaşlığının əhəmiyyətinə həsr olunmuş dəyirmi masa keçirildi
  • PHRC hosts roundtable devoted to the presentation of mobile app “Tütündən imtina et” (Give up smoking) and improvement tobacco control legislation in Azerbaijan
  • PHRC hosts training on “Management of health-care system reforms. Health Economics”
  • New website - www.ebmg.az (Evidence-Based Medicine Guidelines) launched
  • Scientific-practical seminar on “Multidisciplinary approaches to managing hemophilia” held at PHRC
  • PHRC, REC and Italian Barometer Diabetes Observatory Foundation sign tripartite cooperation agreement
  • Astana hosts Global Conference on Primary Health Care
  • Evidence-based medicine guidelines to be translated into Azerbaijani

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5 OCTOBER 2018

Evidence-based medicine guidelines to be translated into Azerbaijani

Ministry of Health of the Republic of Azerbaijan and the Finnish Medical Society Duodecim have signed an agreement on translation, localization and online distribution of evidence-based medicine guidelines (EBMG) in Azerbaijan. This was entrusted to the Public Health and Reforms Center (PHRC) of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

About thousand international clinical protocols in English will be soon available  online for Azerbaijani doctors, and they will gradually be translated into Azerbaijani. The first will be translated and published protocols on the most common diseases and conditions that affect people.

Clinical protocols based on evidence-based medicine are primarily algorithm of actions for practitioner physicians.

Azerbaijani doctors will be able to introduce the best Western standards in their work, as well patients will receive high level of medical treatment, regardless of which hospital and which doctor will provide medical assistance.

Apart from these protocols, more than 4,000 scientific articles from the international databases of Cochrane Library, MedLine, PubMed evidence-based medicine, 1,400 medical images and video collections, calculators and audio files will be available for Azerbaijani doctors.

Doctors from more than a dozen countries in Europe and the former USSR use this information resource created by world-class medical specialists on the basis of evidence-based medicine and now Azerbaijani doctors join them.
The volume of new data in the world of medicine is rapidly growing. In today's world, activity of a doctor is unthinkable without a system of support for medical decisions.

The full text of the news is available in Azerbaijani language.