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Interagency meeting UPDATED: 11 DECEMBER 2014

Starting from October 5, 2007, the Public Health and Reforms Center of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Azerbaijan regularly holds an interagency meeting on the second Wednesday of every month.

The main purpose of these meetings is to strengthen relations between international organizations, national coordinators of the Ministry of Health and PHRC, to develop cooperation and also to provide information exchange between them. During the monthly meeting, the participants have the opportunity to share information about their activities in the field of health for a monthly base, establish cooperation relationships, gather detailed information about the implemented projects through presentations, and also at each meeting, one local non-governmental organization has the opportunity to present its organization.

The meetings are attended by the management of PHRC, representatives of international organizations operating in Azerbaijan - WHO, UNICEF, UAFA, World Bank, Save the Children, ADRA, ACQUIRE, USAID, ICRC, Oxfam, Global Fund, etc., national health coordinators, appointed by the Ministry of Health and specializing in various areas of medicine, as well as a one local non-governmental organization working in the health care as a guest.

According to the agenda, at the beginning of the meeting, representatives of various organizations and National coordinators report on the work done for the month. Then follows a series of presentations based on the wishes of the participants.

The participants of the meeting emphasize the importance and necessity of these meetings, and PHRC, in turn, tries to make such meetings permanent and strengthen interagency cooperation even more.



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