• “Qeyri-infeksion xəstəliklərin yükü və mübarizə strategiyaları” mövzusunda II Milli Konfrans keçirildi
  • Səhiyyə Nazirliyinin İctimai Səhiyyə və İslahatlar Mərkəzinin nümayəndələri Qazaxıstan Respublikasında işgüzar səfərdə olublar
  • Azərbaycanda XIX Beynəlxalq Gənclər Forumu keçirilir
  • Roundtable on "Make every day No-Tobacco Day" held with participation of art figures and mass media representatives
  • PHRC representatives take part at WHO European High-level Conference in Turkmenistan
  • Azerbaijan hosts round table devoted to the importance of public-private partnership within the frame of tobacco control
  • PHRC hosts roundtable devoted to the presentation of mobile app “Tütündən imtina et” (Give up smoking) and improvement tobacco control legislation in Azerbaijan
  • PHRC hosts training on “Management of health-care system reforms. Health Economics”
  • New website - www.ebmg.az (Evidence-Based Medicine Guidelines) launched
  • Scientific-practical seminar on “Multidisciplinary approaches to managing hemophilia” held at PHRC

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15 APRIL 2020

The program "Check yourself for coronavirus" has been developed and launched

The Public Health and Reforms Center (PHRC) of the Ministry of Health  Azerbaijan has developed a program "Check yourself for coronavirus." Developed with the support of the United Nations Development Fund (UNDP), the program aims to keep people safe, help to decide whether to seek appropriate medical care in Cov-19 pandemic. The self-examination program is not intended to diagnose or treat any disease (including COVID-19) or other medical conditions.

The program is designed for assesment of potential risk for Cov-19 among population and helth care workers and does not replace the opinion of medical professionals, clinical examination.

The program ensuring everyone has access  to the accurate information on the website www.isim.az. section "Information about the coronavirus", supporting relief efforts and keeping people connected.

After each person's consent to use, the program asks him a few questions to obtain information from the population to determine the level of care required, and based on these answers analise, provides the necessary recommendations.

The program is intended only for people living in Azerbaijan.