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17 JANUARY 2020

January 20 is a history of courage, determination and heroism of the Azerbaijani people

The seizure of civilians as a result of the military aggression committed by the totalitarian communist regime on the night of January 19-20, 1990 in Baku has been written in black letters in the history of mankind as one of the gravest crimes against humanity. The killing, wounding and disappearance of hundreds of people once again demonstrated to the world the criminal nature of the totalitarian Soviet regime.

An event dedicated to the thirtieth anniversary of the January 20 tragedy was held on January 17, 2020 at the Public Health and Reforms Center (PHRC) of the Ministry of Health to honor the memory of the innocent victims of the bloody event.

Gahraman Hagverdiyev, Director of PHRC, said that the people of Azerbaijan were not only afraid of this cruel crime, but also fought with more confidence for their freedom and sovereignty: “Our people, who were severely tested on that day, celebrated January 20, 1990 as both a tragedy and a tragedy. also lived as a heroic page. The modern, independent Azerbaijan Republic is the brightest proof that our compatriots who were killed in the Black January events did not sacrifice their lives in vain.

Spokesman for the Ministry of Health Parviz Abubakirov said that other nations had experienced similar tragedies on the way to independence, but the massacre in Azerbaijan in 1990 was more brutal and large-scale: “Unfortunately, the world is still biased, double standards and the January 20 tragedy. Not all truths are widely known to humanity today, and some countries and international organizations still prefer to remain silent.

Aris Rustamov, Head of the Human Resourses  Department of PHRC, emphasized that January 20 is a history of courage, determination and heroism of peaceful, disabled people who defended their land, raised their voices against injustice and faced a strong and insidious enemy.

Gulshan Hasanova, a doctor-methodologist of the Medical Quality Standards Department of the PHRC, shared her memories of the courage and selflessness of health workers in the bloody January events. She said the tragedy united our people like a fist: “National leader Heydar Aliyev's unequivocal condemnation of the USSR leadership in Moscow he encouraged one of us and shook the insidious enemy. After returning to the leadership of Azerbaijan, on the initiative and will of Heydar Aliyev, the events of January 20, 1994 were given a political assessment.

PHRC psychologist Aysel Musayeva noted that the martyrs of January 20 are a symbol of heroism and devotion to the Motherland for the new generation: "They are not forgotten and this heroism plays a great role in the formation of such qualities as will, fearlessness and courage to fight for our homeland."

The events of January 20, demonstrating the struggle of our people for freedom, were once again commemorated in a video presented to the participants.

Respecting the innocent victims of the tragedy, PHRC employees visited the monument to the martyrs of January 20 and laid wreaths and flowers.

You can see the photos from the event here.