In the National Seaside Park hosted the "be on the move!" health march | İСTİMAİ SƏHİYYƏ və İSLAHATLAR MƏRKƏZİ

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In the National Seaside Park hosted the "be on the move!" health march

On December 6, 2019, "Be on the move" health march was held in the National Seaside Park in cooperation with the Public Health and Reforms Centre of the Ministry of Health of Azerbaijan, the Azerbaijan Medical University and the Azerbaijan State Academy of Physical Education and Sport. The main purpose of the march was to encourage the people to stay away from physical inactivity, which is a major risk factor for many diseases, and to lead an active lifestyle.

The march, composed of health volunteers, future doctors and young athletes, encouraged people to lead healthy lifestyle, avoid smoking and other bad habits. The march participants drawing the attention of people with the slogans “Be on the move!”, “Give up smoking!”, “Eat healthy!” had an enlightening conversation with everyone about the importance of physical activity. The people was reminded that regular physical activity prevents cardiovascular diseases, type 2 diabetes, a number of cancer diseases, obesity, depression and brittleness of bone. People were explained the importance of physical activity for their health, the need to spend time on physical activity at least 60 minutes a day, at the same time the significance of walking to close distances, preferring to go up and down the stairs and reducing the time spent in front of the TV and computer to 2 hours a day.

Throughout the march, educational materials prepared and printed by the Public Health and Reforms Centre were distributed to the people, as well as entertaining sports games and physical activity trainings were presented.

It should be noted that health workers constantly hold campaign to promote healthy lifestyle among the people. People are promoted to change their own lifestyle, be physically active and give preference to fruits and vegetables in the diet. At the same time, sports centers with all conditions are put into operation in our country, as well as there are sports facilities available to everyone on the streets and in parks. Residents are advised to use this opportunity, benefit sports facilities and walk in parks.

You can see the photos from the event here.