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19 DECEMBER 2018

Educational meeting on reproductive health held at Baku Slavic University

On December 19, 2018, Public Health and Reforms Center of the Ministry of Health organized an educational event on "Raising awareness of young people on reproductive health and family planning" at Baku Slavic University.

The head of the chair of the Basic medical studies and civil defense of the University Parvana Jafarova made opening remarks and noted that, raising medical awareness among society, especially younger generation plays a greater role in protecting of their health.

Emphasizing an importance of public health, Vice-Rector for Educational Affairs, Ph.D. Khanim Sultanova added that, it is possible to avoid a number of diseases thanks to the necessary preventive and awareness-raising measures.

A physician-methodologist of PHRC Latafat Dadashova made a presentation in front of the students and provided them an extensive information on reproductive health and family planning, sexually transmitted infections, as well as adverse effects of abortion on women's health. She advised young people to be more responsible to the problems with health.

A lively exchange of views followed the above presentation and educational materials on reproductive health and family planning prepared by PHRC were distributed to the students.

The full text of the news is available in Azerbaijani language.